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Diversifying our Economy 

Rebekah has advanced policies that create good-paying jobs in Michigan to help transition our state’s economy, attract new talent and business investment, and ensure that Michigan remains nationally and globally competitive.  Her priorities include:

Implementing fair and progressive tax policies that recognize the shift in our economy and ensure that Michigan’s working families do not unfairly bear the tax burden.

Investing in education and job training programs, while prioritizing job creation.

Capitalizing on Michigan’s highly talented workforce and world-class universities to bring new and growing industries to our state.

Expanding the Emerging Business Fund, which provides critical assistance to high-tech firms working to turn research conducted at Michigan universities into commercial products.

Building out the Venture Michigan Fund to give technology start-ups access to the venture capital they need to become successful job producing businesses.

Closing outdated corporate tax loopholes that help a small, elite special-interests group at the expense of individual taxpayers and families.

Developing and enforcing work-safe standards, while expanding workplace right-to-know laws.

Protecting workers’ rights to organize, collectively bargain and strike.

Penalizing corporations that are repeat offenders of workers’ rights, consumer protections laws and environmental standards.

Increasing the Small Business Growth Fund to give our small and medium-sized firms access to the capital they need to create new business and employment opportunities.

Rebekah Warren speaking on the Children's Safe Product Act
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