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Throughout her twelve year tenure in the Michigan Legislature, Rebekah has fought to make our state a forward-thinking, progressive and inclusive place to live.  With an eye toward the future, she not only strives to  protect our day-to-day civil liberties and quality of life, but also leads policies to safeguard our state's rich natural resources and ensure economic opportunity for generations to come. Among her top legislative priorities, Rebekah is dedicated to: 

We are fortunate to live in our Great Lakes State with its abundant beauty and pristine waterways. Rebekah has worked to preserve and protect our unique combination of lakes and land for generations to come.

Believing that health care is a human right, Rebekah helped negotiate the Healthy Michigan program that brought health insurance to more than 657,000 Michiganders and supports legislation to ensure universal health care access.

Knowing that public education is the great equalizer, Rebekah has fought to increase investment in K-12 and early childhood education and to improve access to post-secondary education options within our state. 

Rebekah has advanced policies that create good-paying jobs in Michigan to help transition our state’s economy, attract new talent and business investment and ensure that Michigan remains nationally and globally competitive. 

A long-time advocate for diversity and equality, Rebekah has fought to make sure the civil rights of every Michigan resident are protected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or immigration status. 

As the former Executive Director of MARAL Pro-Choice Michigan, Rebekah has worked on women's issues as both an advocate and a legislator.  She is on the front lines of the battle to secure equal pay for equal work and to protect access to the full range of reproductive health care options.

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