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Protecting our State's Resources

We are fortunate to live in the Great Lakes State with its abundant beauty and pristine waterways. Rebekah has worked to preserve and protect our precious natural resources for generations to come by:

         Shepherding the passage of the 

         Great Lakes Compact and comprehensive                     water withdrawal statutes.

         Encouraging “smart growth” to

         preserve our farmland and

         greenspace areas.

         ​Capitalizing on programs and

         policies that make Michigan a

         leader in the new “green”


        Working to combat invasive and

        potentially harmful species,

        such as Asian carp.

        ​Advocating for energy conservation

        through efficiency standards

        and incentives.

        Promoting the development of

        renewable energy sources and

        supporting the adoption of a more 

        aggressive Renewable Energy


Huron River
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