We are extremely privileged to live in Michigan, the Great Lakes state with vast natural wealth and pristine waterways. Unfortunately, as the use of these resources goes largely unchecked, and we continue to feel the effects of urban sprawl, we run the risk of depleting these precious assets and leaving very little for future generations to enjoy. Rebekah believes that we must preserve our environment and natural resources, handing down a legacy of health, history, and exceptional beauty.

Great Lakes, Great Land

Ann Arbor has a long history of electing legislators who fight to protect our environment and natural resources, and Rebekah is proud to be a part of that legacy. As a state legislator, she has continued in this proud tradition:

  • Protecting our Great Lakes and supporting comprehensive water-use laws.
  • Encouraging “smart growth” to preserve our farmland and greenspace.
  • Advocating for energy conservation through efficiency standards and incentives.
  • Promoting the development of renewable energy sources, and supporting the adoption of a more aggressive Renewable Energy Standard.
  • Supporting legislation that reduces out-of-state trash and incentivizes recycling.
  • Working to eliminate invasive and potentially harmful species, such as Asian carp.
  • Capitalizing on programs and policies that not only protect our environment, but also work to make Michigan a leader in the new “green” economy.