Your support makes it possible for Rebekah to share her vision of a stronger Michigan through the campaign, to provide more comprehensive services to constituents here in Washtenaw and to help progressive candidates across Michigan win seats in the Legislature. There are several ways to lend financial support to Rebekah’s efforts.  Each is important in its own way, but direct contributions the campaign are the hardest to raise and the most appreciated.

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How Contributions Will Be Used
Campaign contributions support both the electoral effort and the staffing needs that aren’t covered by the Senate budget*, helping bring stronger constituent services to Washtenaw.

  • Michigan law limits campaign contributions to state Senators at $1,000 per person per election cycle.
  • Contributions are publicly recorded on campaign finance reports.
  • Michigan residents may deduct a total of $50 in campaign contributions each year from their state taxes.
The Envision Michigan PACsupports educational and electoral efforts on behalf of progressive candidates across Michigan and funds annual college scholarships for graduating district seniors.

  • There is no limit on PAC contributions.
  • Contributions are publicly recorded on campaign finance reports.
  • Contributions are not tax-deductible.
The Envision Michigan Fundaccepts tax-deductible contributions exclusively for educational purposes.  These funds support issue research, the scholarship fund and other non-campaign activities.

  • Both individuals and corporations may donate to the Fund.
  • Contributions are not shown on campaign finance reports.
How To Contribute
To the Campaign:Click Here to donate through NGP VAN using your credit card.  NGP VAN ensures we meet the state’s reporting requirements.To pay by check, download our contribution form. To the PAC or Fund:Using the form below, you can make a credit card contribution through our PayPal Account.Send checks payable to the Rebekah Warren Envision Michigan PAC or Rebekah Warren Envision Michigan Fund at

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