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Michigan and America are in the midst of a turbulent time of change, and Lansing and Washington will set the course for our prosperity for a generation with decisions they make this.  With Michigan’s economy in crisis and our state desperate for new leadership, we are fortunate to have a representative in Lansing [map] who shares our values and knows how to make effective, visionary and bipartisan change.

Rebekah serves on the committees for Natural Resources (Democratic Vice-Chair); Michigan Competitiveness (Democratic Vice-Chair); Economic Development and International Investment (Democratic Vice-Chair); Regulatory Reform (Democratic Vice-Chair); and Finance.  In these roles, she is ensuring that the concerns of progressives are entered into the debates on policies that are reshaping Michigan.

Rebekah Warren is a lawmaker we can trust not only to represent us well but to drive our state to a more prosperous future.  In a time when leadership is so critical, Washtenaw County has the best Michigan can offer.